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Welcome to the Landscape of Practices 2009 wiki!

The aim of this workshop was to help participants to develop stories of learning in professional practice in the light of a model of 'landscapes of practice' proposed by Etienne Wenger, who led the workshop.

Does the model make sense in terms of your own professional learning and, if it does, how do your stories illustrate the model? Or does the model need to be changed?

The stories have been collected electronically on this wiki as the workshop developed, in text and multimedia format. They will provide a living resource for workshop participants that will be drawn on in their further work, for example, in a book or pamphlet about learning in the light of this model. The stories could also be used for your own professional purposes - perhaps for publication in a professional paper/journal or for a more academic audience.

The participants in the workshop included educators, policy makers, professional practitioners, members of regulatory bodies, researchers and others interested in professional education.

This resource can also be the foundation for collecting further stories and perspectives. A book based on this work is in preparation.

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